Welcome to the Classic Side of Barbering Industry.

Learn how to execute the most famous hairstyles of '90s:

- Pompadour, Comb Over, Slick Back -



- How to use the basic shears techniques.

- Understand Graduation.

- How to maintain a good balance.

- How to create a disconnection (Side - Part).

- 3 types of fades: Light Taper, Aggressive Taper, Low Skin Fade.


This Masterclass will show you the basic way to create great haircuts.

1. Pompadour - first lesson is about Pompadour. This hairstyle was made famous by the rock and roll king - Elvis Presley. Defined by a triangle shape that gives a strong volume for the front part of the top, Pompadour is still one of the most asked haircuts in our days. Kosterin will teach you the simplest way to create it.

2. Slick Back - in the second lesson, Mihai Mares will teach you how to create a disconnected slick back haircut. This hairstyle is great for a long face type because it's reducing the volume for the look.

3. Comb Over - the last lesson will be about the most common classic hairstyle. This haircut is choose by many client because it has a very comfortable styling at home. Kosterin will teach how to execute it in a simple way.


This Masterclass is recommended for beginners.

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