Level up your Beard Skills with this Masterclass.

Discover the techniques behind the best beard styles.


This 2 lesson will help you to improve the trimmer and razor control plus will give you a better understanding of what colour enhancement is made.


In this masterclass you will learn:

- How to correctly build a shape for beards

- How to create a perfect outline

- How to use semi-permanent colour to create a natural contour.


1. Medium Long Beard - in first lesson, Cosmin Campean will show you how to build a medium long shape for beard. In this tutorial you will learn how to use semi-permanent Kiss Express colour and razor blade to obtain a natural and full outline.

2. Short Beard - second lesson is teach by Alex Gales and he will help you with great tips in order to get a nice and clean shape for a short length beard.


This Masterclass is recommended for advanced barbers.

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