1. Low Skin Fade - in first lesson, Tony Seleznev will show you how to create a low skin fade. This type of fade is great for Classic Hairstyles and for haircuts which are build with a strong weight line in the transition area.

2. Mid Skin Fade - second lesson is teach by Alex Gales and he will help you with great tips for a type of fade that is recommended for Modern Hairstyles. It also can be used for short haircuts.

3. High Skin Fade - in third lesson you will find again Alex Gales explaining an easy technique for an high skin fade. This type of fade is aggressive and is good for short or disconnected hairstyles.

4. Taper Fade - fourth lesson is teach by Lorin George and he's offer you his technique that helps him to create a sharp and fast taper. This type of fade is very used in our days for hairstyles build with longer length. Can be used for loyal weekly customer when they come for a retouch. It's an easy way to offer a fresh look very fast.

5. Drop Fade - in the last lesson you will learn how to create a fade that can change your fading game. Drop Fade is the cousin of Skin Fade, being different with a semi circle aspect. This type of fade gives a amazing look for the sides. Radu Obreja will teach you how to do it in a simple way.


This Masterclass is recommended for beginners and advanced barbers.

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